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Nancy Bracken Garson

Nancy Bracken Garson has had decades of experience in international business, finance, marketing, and public relations.  She was the initial Director of “Diplomatia”, a top-tier organization of Italian business leaders, foreign service and economic officers, and foreign diplomats based in Rome and represented an American off-shore investment fund targeting Italian and Swiss clients.  She was co-principal of an Italian-American company, ToPromotions, a public relations and event-planning firm for Italian-based companies and cultural groups seeking a presence in the United States.   

Ms. Garson developed a children’s book, “You’re Lovable to Me” published by Random House for her co-owned international licensing company, Lovable World Trading, Inc.

Ms. Garson also has particular expertise in taking “rough” copies of English-translated Italian texts for books, press statements, web sites, and event planning and turning them into English language (American) and culturally-appropriate presentations.


Elena Tricoli

Elena Tricoli has spent over two decades in the world of international business consulting.  Her specialty is in the field of project development particularly for companies in South America, USA and Africa laying out strategy for new business ventures between companies of different countries.  Oftentimes this has led to decision-making meetings at the highest levels of national governments.


Ms. Tricoli implements public relations concepts and produces events for Italian and foreign businesses in the fields of fashion, cinema, food, to name a few. She served in a protocol capacity welcoming foreign dignitaries on their visits to Italy. Her early career in Italy included movie acting, editing of documentaries for RAI, and distribution of films on behalf of foreign production companies, especially MGM.


Ms. Tricoli has also been a senior officer of 2 non-profit organizations in Africa, The “Hope of Jacob” in Zambia and “Solidami” in Guinea Bissau, whose missions were to bring humanitarian assistance to orphans of the AIDS disease and famine.



Manetti Ceschi a Santa Croce

Maria Antonietta (Manetti) Ceschi a Santa Croce, residing in Salzburg, Austria, is a businesswoman presently specializing in bio-friendly products and is a multi-linguist. 


She has worked as an interpreter and translator for international sporting events such as the Summer Olympics, the European Football Championships and the World Football Championships.  Additionally, Manetti has served as an art consultant for international collectors, galleries, and at numerous art fairs such as FIAC-Paris, ARTISSIMA -Torino, Bologna, Vienna, Cologne, etc.


Manetti is fluent in Italian, German, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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